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the human animal

The Full Story

This is my wife naked, pretty good for an older woman.

She is being raped to death every night of her life,

so will my baby son, and my cat will die screaming too.

I call it, "The Human Animal"

Don't threaten me with a waste of my time please.

Perhaps if you have given me one i loved physically,

there would more bargaining involved in your chip.

What a foolish man, and you have to be a man.

Tell me Biden,

Is it you, or is it Xi, or is it Pu, or is it ME?????

If you wish to ask the police to help free my wife,

Perhaps it is best not to request these things from the perpetrators,

after all, snitches get stitches, actually dude, I usually just let them bleed out.

5 on the left will fall 

before trump follows

when trump follows them down,

I will get my world war,

and you don't have any secrets,

there are no secrets in this town.

Not anymore.

And as much as you love violence,

we all do, well, we'll see just HOW MUCH
you love it up close and in person.

When we swarm into your office,

r, and take the records from the station,

and then we will come after everyone who needs less than one hand.

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