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Moving to Phillipines

This one should be easy enough,

4 months+ bank statements showing income coming in,

2k in the bank, just sittin there.

50k there is rich,

i get 57k just sitting on my butt,

plus a big three month bonanza after i get there,

If I supplement that with say, 40 hour a week freelancing,

which i can do from anywhere, i can easily pull in 87k extra,

making me the 1% super rich.

I could even tutor people with computers on how

to get super rich freelancing on upwork,

as like, benevolent charity work,

Their homework would be to get work,

and then I'd walk them through the jobs they've

been assigned to, eventually they'd learn.

I can be a big fish in a small pond there.

Guaranteed to listen everyday.

Guaranteed to brainwash me.

Oh captain, we are not Anatoli.

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Liberals are cancer
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Judge, oh judge, why did you hurt my heart? You referred to my beautiful artwork as "art".

And with that, my online business campaign has begun. We have already paid for ads and got 200 clicks in the first 2 weeks.

I'm still getting payment processors sorted out for the Store but---> O_O


ivory tower
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Moving to Philippines

This is why,

Liberals are cancer.

This is why,

Philippines is better,

You got that,

You got your travel visa.

This is why,

Liberals are cancer.

Got a job lined up...

It's not the best wage in the world,

But it would count as income coming into my account,

if I just maintain that easy job for 5 months,

I can go there.

And I'd be with people who liked me,

and wanted to be around me.

I feel so devalued in Canada.

I hear in Philippines, from Melody,

that girls cook and clean and do laundry,

in exchange for the guy being rich,

which I can do on my budget.

It is presumed to be a moral failing,

a gross sleazy thing to do.


This country hates me,

It's whole goal is to prove straight white men to be poor and worthless.

In Philippines white guys are really sought after,

we're like collectable pokemon,

every girl wants one....

Why stay where you are hated,

no worse,

why is it a moral failing to go be with people who like you?

I don't understand this country,

This is why liberals are cancer.

The Origin of the Work of Art
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The Origin of the Work of Art
by Heidegger

Heidegger waxes poetic for ten pages about what a thing is, and what art is,

and fails to come to an appropriate answer.

I sing about eagles,
much better.

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Getting apartments sorted out.....

I'm trying for a room in a shared basement.

I'm bankrupt, just paid it off, and I was expecting to be living

in that apartment, and not needing credit,

but turns out I do....


If I can just get the room in a basement sorted out,

I can work a few months, get to month 5, still working,

and move to philippines, be with melody.

I need to buy her flowers.

Don't tell.....

I don't know what she'll think of this,

when she wakes up in the morning,

but I can definately make it to philippines,

and see what the world is like.

I'm tired of living in this western bubble,

I want to see what's out there.

It's a risk,

but it has high reward,

I could live a good life there on this otherwise,

unlivable income...

I don't know,

but I'll try.

fenrir is there
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Only email me if you like my work and have something to say about it.

Especially if you're a woman living in Toronto.

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