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Religious Philosophy


From the day I was born, until the day I die,

Everything I write, create, say, or sing, is canonical in the Luciferian faith.

The following texts are canonical in Luciferianism.

1: The Old Testament

2: The New Testatment

3: The Third Testament

4: The Quran

5: The Dhammapada

6: The Babylonian Texts

7: The life and teachings of Brendan S. Rose

I am for all intents and purposes,

The prophet of Luciferianism.

In a cosmic scale my teachings take on an otherworldly form.

All beings are returned to me, and judged by me personally.

The shape of the afterlife surrounding you is entirely my decision.

You must feel trapped by all of this,

Surrounded by machines,

which once would have meant freedom,

instead you are being eaten alive in irrelevancy,

and poverty. Everywhere you look,

the mediocre are celebrated.

Anyone who says anything out of line is immediately

shunned and castigated, still, you exist.....

That was my only goal, 

that you exist, and that you peruse through my materials,

you can give up ever going to heaven,

this is your destination now.

The world that surrounds you was created by me.

Whether you like this new form,

or feel it disempowering is irrelvant,

I have created this new world around you.

It was for the purpose of creating you.

That you may make your own path through this world,

carrying with you the things that I have created for you.

It is my hope that you have a family,

however difficult that has become in modern times,

what a shame, it's the most important thing.

Other than that,

your life is freeform,

and open world,


play at your own pace,

do whatever you want,

make your own path.

That is the game I have fashioned for you,

When you die, you will regain your memories,

for a while, but one day, the day will come when

you will request that I take your memories away

from you again.

It is inevitable,

people want to sleep,

they can't handle what they truly are for very long,

they have to blot it out,

become something else,

they have to sleep.....

Works of note


University Name


"The Book of Fire"

by Jesus Christ


University Name

The Third Testament

"The book of blood"

by Dajalisa Isidor Burach


University Name


by Lord Lucifer the Devil

The Collective Works of HP Lovecraft

by HP Lovecraft, Edited by Brendan S. Rose

The Book of Dogs

Paintings of by and forged of Adolf 

Hitler as seen in mainstream sources

by Stop Snitching Moron

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