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by The Czechoslovakian Secret Police


Welcome to artiface,

The dream world created after the destruction of the old world.

The Boy who dreamed of this land, wished for a world where it was harder for women, and easier for men.

The buddha listened patiently, and provided a world and a bounty beyond his wildest dreams. Artiface is a strange town, embedded in a castle over a gulley, buried in the ground underneath a suburban neighborhood, it winds out into rich districts, poor ghettos and slums, sci fi wonderlands, buddhist temples, and basically everything else you can imagine. Down the road, the hospital is visible, where the wounded are taken inside, and healed.

Down south is bad grief's trainyard, and up north you'll find the kowloon district, shibuya, and the gentleman's club "The Kittycat Lounge".

Take the subway across town and you'll be on a vegas style strip, full of casinos, and northward you'll find the supermarket, with a 70 foot tall bull staring you in the face.

Kill it who cares it regenerates lol......

Meet Harmony.

She is everyone's girl, your GIRL FRIDAY, for the day, she likes to fuck and she likes to be blonde, and she likes others to fight around her when she's there. She likes money and cars, she likes to kill, and take, and despoil. She likes the sound of glass shattering on a man's head. She did something horrible in her life, and the buddha gifted her with a world more ataken to her desires and vices. The world of her vices has spawned unto this blood ridden earthen soil. And she knows something about how you were imprisoned here.


You are the construct. In order to exact her will upon this world, Harmony has summoned you to this place, to kill, and fuck, and shoot in her name. These people mostly just want to live their lives in peace, but Harmony does not desire such a world, and their pain is your employment.

You are her puppet.


In this catastrophic play she is imposing upon the world, and you, this symphony of pain extracts girl's screams as music to her delight and that of her sadistic audience. But in return for your crimes, and abuses, she has offered a way out of the dream for you.

EXTRACT the answer from her.

Escape the DREAM.



[This game is in early access.]

[Further updates will be included as they are made.]



  • AAA Quality graphics and environments 

  • A HUGE town to explore 

  • Great twitch shooter gameplay in third person 

  • A big variety of characters 

  • hentai visual novel segments 

  • complex conversation tree driven dialogue 

  • a quest system 

  • a dialogue system 

  • dozens and dozens of weapons 

  • interesting characters 

  • a bizarre dreamscape of a world ranging from urban environments, to high class suburbs, japanese shopping districts, trainyards, forests and caves, icey wastelands, demonic otherrealms, motels, strip clubs, hospitals and asylums 

  • a subway system 

  • a hub world (designed by a lead artist on Dark Souls [PS5]) 

  • a massive new york city style expanse of buildings 

  • a strange tower infinite in potential size and scope 

  • procedural cities

  • a strange cast of characters to say the least 

  • 70 foot tall bull 

  • Polyhedron 

  • Well

(Please note this game is NSFW)



  • Expand the Polyhedron

  • Populate all the empty spaces

  • A larger scale story

  • Improve the quest system

  • Mutate the Bull

  • Integrate a magic system

  • Add Crafting Stations

  • Add Shops

  • Expand the Town

  • Make procedurally generated levels at runtime

  • Make a multiplayer version when Single Player is Done

  • Add a 2d Pixelated Minigame in the Metroidvania style

  • Populate the game with killable civilians who are generated more randomly engaging in daily life tasks

  • Add crowds and busy streets

  • populate new york city with quests

  • populate lowlife slums with quests

  • make more procedural cities

  • make new district types

  • add animals

  • add flying

  • Fill in the well with content, quests and npcs

  • Make Bad Grief more useful

  • Add a Space Exploration minigame

  • create new npc types

  • keep making npcs

  • keep making enemies

  • Make a fantasy world past the castle bridge

  • Expand the Sci Fi District into it's own area

  • Populate the School with characters and quests

  • Add readable books


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                                 by the


                                 Secret Police

COPYRIGHT - BRENDAN ROSE - December 31st 2021

All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part, in any form.

This game is a work of fiction, it is not in any way whatsoever an advocacy or an incitement of any illegal activity of any kind. People are responsible for their own actions.

All characters depicted in sexual situations are 18 years of age or older. In the case of the pimp girl in the hospital, she is babyfaced, petite, short, tiny, young looking for her age, right smack on the day of her 18th birthday.

All resources used in this game have been purchased through legal means and all relevant licenses acquired.

Ah HARMONY, to this day I attest that this is a great game, and proof of my skill in UNREAL. However, with Steam pushing me out of the market, and Epic banning NSFW, and everyone else not having the infrastructure to host a 95GB game, this remains in publication HELL. There is no way to currently download this game. :,(

If I work on the story more I could maybe bring it to Nutaku, but that would require a lot of work and I have other projects I'm working on right now.

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