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Our Actual Party Platform, Ignore Below

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We hold this dream to be self evident, that humans have the divine right to freely speak their mind, without repercussions.

The right of free speech is the absolute right to which all other rights are subservient. That those societies which reject the freedom of speech, invariably degenerate into unlivable tyrannies, enslaved to boring scum.

Article 1:

No man may tell me what I may say, be they in government, corporate office, university board, HR cabal at work, in the media, in political action, or on the street.

You will not tell me what I may say.

I say what I wish.

That if any group becomes destructive of these ends, it is the duty of the people to abolish it.

Article 2:

My body is my own, you may not administer drugs against me, nor deny me drugs I request, unless I so wish it.

I do with my body as I wish.

Weapons, being essential to end one's life with dignity, are the right of the citizens to safely stockpile and collect, unless it has been demonstrated that you, personally, are a danger to innocent people, due to your actions, and not your thoughts, through arrest and conviction, in a fair trial, for violent action.

It is advisable for the people to collect weapons, to defend oneself against those who are a danger to them.

Be polite to your neighbors in such a society, and be ready and watchful, for the sick also have rights until they are forfeited.

Article 3:

No person shall be incarcerated for their thoughts, only action, and only violent action, or serious crimes.

Fines are appropriate for unimportant crimes.

Any group or individual who incarcerates a person falsely, has committed a serious offence.

Article 4:

A glorified psychologist shall not drug his victims against their will to make them boring and subservient to his bigotry and authoritarian desire to bully them.

Without their permission.

Such people have committed a serious offence, and are imprisoned.

If a person does not want help, and has not hurt anyone, you must let them make their own mistakes.

Article 5:

Any politician or business boss who institutes a policy of discrimination on the basis of race or sex or sexuality or beliefs or political affiliation has committed a grievous offence and is imprisoned.

Any speech codes, banned by definition already, prohibiting hatred on the basis of anything are particularly detestable.

It is the right of a person to hate and love as they wish, as long as they are not hurting anyone.

Article 6:

The right of businesses to operate freely, shall not be infringed, except in the case of serious criminality, or danger to the physical safety of the public, not including self harm, which is a protected right.

The right of personal property shall be respected.

The right to protection against unreasonable search and seizure, shall be respected.

The right of protection against cruel and unusual treatment or punishment, shall be respected.

Any business may engage in politics and religion.


Any church may engage in politics and business.


Any politician may engage in business and religion.

Because they are necessary things for creatures.

Article 7:

No person shall kill another except in self defence.

People are responsible for their own actions.

No Government is legitimate, if they are in opposition to these rights.

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