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While I will of course attempt to obtain the permission to master this song from A Perfect Circle, who I'm sure would be happy to let me if asked, it is a truly great song, and they speak german. However, that is neither here nor there, while in America, many songs are illegal to post, I am canadian, under the perview of the CANADIAN COPYRIGHT MODERNIZATION ACT OF 2012, WHICH STIPULATES I MAY USE COPYRIGHTED

ercial in nature (selling books separately is permitted, linking to products is permitted) and I did not disable any copyright protection locks in the pursuit of the song which I certainly didn't. The act is vast, and some of other parts may or may not fully fall afoul of it, however, i feel my song is fully within the spirit of the law. If the matter is brought before a canadian court, which I am happy to defend myself in, rather than take down the song, I believe I am fully within my rights under my countries laws to post this remix of a classic song, and also the msot important song of my life, my ex wife's divorce song. I wrote thsi song, I sang this song, the copyrighted material is permissable under my country's laws, they may feel free to take legal action but in my country this is unlikely to go very far. I believe this is a mistake on their part., They are unfamiliar with my country's laws, and this challenge was brought mistakenly, I assume.

this is an outrage.

I wrote that song.

you didn't write any of it.

you have no right to my copyrighted noncommercial remix

under the laws of my country

you're insane.

no american law does not supercede canadian law in canada,

and yes, canadian law exists.

you're insane if you think you wrote my song.

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