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JordanOwen42 on Ayn Rand in relation to his conversion to me

JordanOwen42, is one of the precious youtubers from the golden age of loki,

When the leader was not yet awake, but still cognoscente and communicating through dreams borne of confusion.

In light of the leader's recent change of name,

Jordan has determined his is now,

therefore, by default in fact, a Christian.

I accept this form of worship, as I accept the worship of any name, as applying to me.

All names are mine, they refer to me. I am the lord of names. You may choose any name you wish, and this one is one of my favorites. It is the name under which I have published most of my books.

Anyway, we're not writing a novel here..... but,

just to be clear, this section is also a blog where I may talk on any topic.

Not just posting songs.

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