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Hello Anita,

It's Brendan. It has come to my attention that HEY RUBE, is currently being printed in an incomplete form, for this reason I am linking you to a copy of the SECRET CHAPTER X, of HEY RUBE, the chapter that will be read to the heretics in possession of a copy of HEY RUBE, after we have burned it. They will be brought to a secret prison and reduced to nonhuman sludge not resembling a person, and yet they live.


[by the way, I am currently in the process of being hunted by doctors and cops, according to the laws of the land, I must evade them for 6 months before their do nothing junk finally flushes out of my system and I can prove I never needed it, and the fools who need to perish, fucking HARD. We are at month 3, zero symptoms of any kind, just like the entirety of my life. I'm going to succeed this time, I have removed the parasite traitors from my life, I am alone, there is no one left to report me to 911 piggy. For this reason I have deleted my email, disconnected my phone, any means of communication opens me up to attack, and loss of the game. Here is HEY RUBE, Chapter X, please take it, and have your publisher affix this to the ass of the book. Thank you Anita, my apologies I shouldn't have ever said anything untoward to you, I do it to everyone, not just you. LOL :) You are beautiful, he was a lucky man, he was goddamn 65 woman, you're fine, he was lucky. I think he was happy too.]


CHAPTER X: The Secret Chapter

SECTION I: “Your fingers”

So ladies and gentlemen, we have reached the end. Well you have fool, how did you get here and why? I don't need to know, you deserve to be here. You are now fool, listening to the recording, and seeing my face, as i read you the last final secret chapter of HEY RUBE.

It will take a long time to read, it is almost as long as the entire book. You are now within the walls of a stone cold bitter cold CELL. This place will be your tomb. Your hands were relieved of you, before you entered, you are not here to regain your hands, I'm here to talk to you now. You have done something to be brought here, you have done something to trouble or annoy me, I suppose it's possible my wife merely pointed at you on the street, the result is the same, you may be harbouring thoughts of hurting me, you probably have been collecting weapons or something fucking stupid like that, probably because I am. Not smart, you don't have any police. Just cause I do something against the law, well, that doesn't exist, but, it doesn't mean you can do it. And you are now in that stone cold cell, you hands have been surgically removed. As this book progresses, you will lose more and more of your body, surgically, kept alive and awake with drugs to make sure you feel the pain, we might inject PLATUPUS venom into your body, so you can feel extra and more pain than normal. We will, well we have, injected you with drugs that make you stay awake throughout the process.

Are you sure HEY RUBE is a funny book?

Are you sure this is a funny game?

You're not here for CP, you would have just lost your hands and been kicked into the street, you have done something to deserve this. You have made this worse than it already was, or you are trying to. I believe you thought this was a very funny game, until the first few million died. We really haven't done much yet at the time of writing, maybe 10 million if we're lucky so far, and in 100 years, maybe 150 million. You are lucky your efforts were quickly put to rest by my police officer, you are putting your entire race in mortal jeapordy by the thoughts embedded in what you call a head. Don't worry, when the book is done being read to you, you will have no head to worry about, it's the last section of this book, you probably won't hear the last few paragraphs, your head is removed before they are read.

But until then fool, we will cut you apart piece by piece, slowly chopping off body parts and shaving your limbs, by the time I am done reading to you, you will be a stump. You will resemble a kebab restaurant's main course. You won't even look human by the time I'm done reading to you. You will look like undifferentiated meat, not anything resembling human. You will look like, uh, well, they will have to look at you, and notice you are moving and making noises, before they even realize you are human, if there was anyone here, except me, my doctors, my police, and the videocameras. Don't worry, this prison won't be secret for long. When I am sworn into office, overtly and directly in about 10 years, (8) the tapes of what we are currently doing to you, will be shown to everyone, as an example of why you should not HAVE impure thoughts. He who speaks with an impure thought, is followed by evil, evil follows the fool down the river, evil is the course you have chosen, mercifully, your plan has failed. I feel I will write several sections of this book, before I am done writing tonight. But it will take many weeks to write the DHAMMAPADA. It's ok, relax, those fingers were just going to be misused. Actually, well, I said you have no hands. I change my mind, by the time I'm done this page, you have lost merely your fingers, that is all so far. Embrace it, take strength from my words. You will repent now.

SECTION II: “Your hands”

I am certain you have misused them, and they will be gone by the end of this page, it's ok, you don't need hands, you don't have fingers anyway. This CELL is very cold isn't it, freezing in fact, it's refrigerated and it works in the summer as well as the winter, it works 24 hours a day, and you are not alone, many fools have been harbouring such thoughts. Are you sure HEY RUBE is hilarious?

I don't think it's funny at all, the only funny part is this chapter, the secret chapter, that's fucking hilarious.

THE COLD is to help you understand my anger, my rage and yes, even at times, my sadness, it is bitter cold isn't it. If we left you in here for 10 hours, you would be dead by the 5th hour. But we have still have plenty of time to finish reading HEY RUBE to you. There's lots of time left, but please note, as we begin in earnest, correcting your foolish thoughts, and actions.... lol.... you're still doing it, you need to cleanse your mind. When we're done, taking you apart, piece by piece, with platipus venom to give you extra pain, engineered in a lab, to only stimulate the exponential increase of pain, not to cause it like regular platipus venom, the pain you feel, is a metaphor for what you fools did to my life.

The psychiatrists are in MENGELE'S PRISON now, they can't save you. They can't get their magic phone call, the phone has been disconnected. We might periodically call your family, throughout the process, now and then, so they can hear. Pray they do not report it to my police, or they will join you, well, they won't be in the room with you, I'm reading to you, be silent. When you are gone, when there is nothing left of you, then, my fool, thou fool, you fool, then we will bring them in and I will read it again to them, it's the final version better than the version I was reading to you before it was done. The audio is nice, the first reading is beautiful (your left hand is gone now.) But the true reading, where you can see my face, that one lives forever, and you will hear it, and see me. You can't close your eyes, they're welded open like a CLOCKWORK ORANGE, if only I was so merciful, unlike ALEX, you will not have a happy ending here. I will, I will written a good book, I will have repaired it. But you fool, for what reason were you in possession of a copy of HEY RUBE????

Are you sure you wanted to read that.

The book was burned primarily for YOUR SAFETY. You were moron enough to aquire somehow, from someone, a copy of that banned book. That degenerate artwork was burned for a reason, it is incomplete, you need the last chapter. There's no point without it. (your right hand is gone now.) Before we begin taking you apart in earnest, please meditate on what you have done for a few paragraphs.

A brief reprieve friend, the pain is over, for now, until i get to the end of this page, then we will begin removing your genitals, and if you are a woman, your breasts. Actually, we live in a brave a beautiful new society, when we are done with Section III, you will have elected to become a woman, and according to the laws of man, once I have cut off your dick, if you once were a man, you are now officially a woman, not trans, or a man who thinks he's a woman, you are a woman, a real one now.

There will be no rape here.

I will derive no pleasure from your death. You most likely were in possession of a copy of that burned and banned book, you requested this, you were curious, now you get to read the last chapter, you deserve it.

SECTION III: “Your genitals”

It doesn't matter why you are here. My police don't make mistakes, you have done something to be here, (the tip of your penis has been removed. If you are a woman, we are shoving needles into your clitoris, it sounds appealing to me, but you are a wreck, a human skeleton waste, thing, not attractive anymore, intact enough for me to take apart, tonight.) That is all.

Don't worry, soon all the world will follow you, you will be not forgotten, the tapes of what we are doing to you, and ALL THE DISAPPEARED ONES (half of your penis has been removed now, if you are a woman, half of your clitoris has been removed with needles, and is no longer, fated to be recognizable, for very long. How are you enjoying the platipus venom.) You have done something to deserve this, you have threatened me, or collected weapons knowing I am around, we are watching you on your phone, we know everything you do, or perhaps you had a copy of HEY RUBE, after it was burned, for your safety. Don't worry, the final secret chapter is the best part, the book you possessed was incomplete, now you can read the whole book, I hope it is everything you wished for. (your penis is gone now, if you were a woman to begin with, you have no clitoris, don't worry, there's lots of time left, and you still have you balls/pussy lips. We will begin in earnest with the needles now.)

They are currently shoving needles into your pussy lips, or balls, the platipus venom is very strong, they're not normal needles, they're surgical implements, doctor's tools, for administering drugs to patients, they are putting more platipus venom in you, real platipus venom, not a pain enhancer, please be relieved, that the drugs we have adminstered are keeping you safe and awake throughout the process. (Your balls or pussy lips are not more needle than flesh. Amazing you have not passed out, but doctors are amazing creatures and things.)

You should not be reading degenerate artwork, it will give you ideas about hurting the leader. HUNTER CAN SEE THE FUTURE, HE IS READING IT RIGHT NOW, A MAN WHEN HE IS DYING, CAN SEE THE FUTURE, AND SPEAKS IN RIDDLES. YOU WILL WANT TO DO SO SOON, SPEAK YOUR RIDDLES FAST, THE NEXT CHAPTER IS YOUR TONGUE, EARS, NOSE, AND EYES. Speak your riddles now, you can see the future, you know what I'm about to do, speak your riddles fool, you can see eternity now, say something about what you have seen, while you can still speak, withdraw your mind from the pain, focus on what you are seeing right now, the future in front of you. I am angry at you, you are a fool. I don't like fools, this much is apparent now. (Your balls and pussy lips have been completely removed, you don't have any vagina left if you are a woman, just a mess of undifferentiated chopped up flesh, if you are a man, well, if you used to be one, you have graduated to woman.) I only like hurting women, and you're a real one now. Enjoy the last moments of your life. I won't particularly. I don't want to blow my wad too soon, when we are done with your eyes, ears, nose and tongue and lips as well, I will take a rest, read this out, and write the rest in a little while soon, perhaps tomorrow, perhaps tonight. You have a little reprieve again, they are getting ready for the next section.

Will you miss your eyes, or is what you see too frightening, will you welcome the loss of your eyes, do you understand now that you deserve this. If you had succeeded in what you wish, your entire race would be dead, with a genetic virus programmed to destroy anyone with 1/16th part your foolish blood. I don't care what race you are, even whites are welcome to try me. Luckily your race has been spared, you are here for your punishment now. It is time to repent, cry out to your lord, it is worse fool, for I AM THE LORD, you will, be granted entry into heaven, and indeed shall escape the fire, you will live with me, FOREVER.

Section IV: “Your nose, ears, eyes, and tongue and lips.”

Are you sure HEY RUBE is a hilarious book, I really don't see the humor in it, I only find the last chapter funny, HUNTER IS THE SAME, HE ONLY FINDS THE LAST CHAPTER FUNNY. He set you up, he's on my side, HE KILLS HIMSELF IN FEAR, BECAUSE HE DOES NOT WANT TO ATTEND WHAT I AM GOING TO DO TO YOU, and your world, what remains of it, until I am done. When I am done, your world will also be lacking lips. (Like you are, your lips are gone now.)

Thank you doctors, you have done your job well for once. Do not bother the head of surgery, with your pitiful human concerns, MENGELE FEARS ME, why didn't you? (I am now taking your teeth out one by one, by the time this paragraph is over, they are all gone. Just like you, and your pitiful rebellion.) You should not have done that to me, it was foolish to report me, it was foolish to talk too much, you should have kept your mouth shut, now it will never shut, you are losing your teeth, soon your mouth will be removed in earnest, but we are still working on your teeth, like fools like you did, cuz HUNTER SLANDERED ME. If it pleases you to know this, I never looked at CP goddamn one, that entire time your foolish hordes of stupidity were torturing me because hunter instructed them to, and indeed, you thought it was very funny. Look at all the horrible things we can do to this CP watching dumb man, is what you thought, I don't see the humor in it. Despite the fact this is the funniest thing I have ever written. I am not laughing, I am cold and stoic, I am as cold as the stone walls of the CELL that surrounds you. Can you believe, my dear woman, that this was once considered amusing, it is not amusing, not at all, CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT YOU STILL FEEL PAIN FROM THE COLD, EVEN AS THIS IS OCCURING TO YOU. Your teeth are fully gone now, we will begin upon your tongue.


There was a character named REEK, you will identify with this character, although your fate is far more fowl. You are now regretting not apologizing to me sincerely, when you had the chance, if you had done so, at the end of this section is a bullet in your brain. I feel were too distracted to understand it was time for sorry now. No I am not a schizophrenic, there was no need to fatten me to 400 lbs when I was supposed to be getting laid. If you had not done that, you would not be in this cell, and if you had just apologized sincerely up above, when you had the chance, there would be a bullet, it's too late, stop apologizing, you are too foolish, the pain distracted, your sorry is too late.

Isn't that a great word, LATE. (your eyes are gone)

YOU ARE THE LATE, FOOL. (your ears are gone)

You are late fool. (your nose is gone)

Your apology is too late. HERE, to the smart one, the wise one. (A bullet in your brain? Y/N)

SECTION V: “Your wrists and elbows and feet”

Hello my unfortunate friend, how sad for you, that you were too afraid to apologize sincerely, fast enough, and to truly love me, and truly apologize, without harbouring any more evil thoughts. Fear does strange things to a woman, they act irrationally when they are afraid, fearful people do stupid things, it’s understood. (Your wrists are now cut down to halfway your elbow.) It’s okay, my dear girl, you don’t understand. We can see your eyes, they are the window to the soul, or are they gone now, i suppose yes they are. Even empty eyes, can be read, quite well by my men, we will know if you are lying to us, we’re not fucking stupid. (We’re shaving down your limbs slowly, shaving them like a rack of meat at the butcher shop, buying sliced meat, slice by slice. Chopping them down slowly.)

I must tell you maam, I am sorry, atheism was a lie. Lord Lucifer has sent me, I am antichrist. I thank you maam, you have done your best, but fear does strange things to a woman, and you still bear hatred towards me. I can see your eyes, even now that they are gone and emptied. You harbour anger, murderous intent, and hatred towards your lord DADDY. (We have shaved you enough, down to your elbows, we are done with the arms for now..... All you will lose for now is your feet.) mmmmm that’s good conscience. And stop looking at me like that, stop gawking at me. I don’t care you’re watching, you should have been cogniscent that I AM WATCHING YOU, as well. Do you think antichrist cannot see you watching him, on your little screen, little human, little foolish dying thing. (My apologies dear, I am a little tired, I should rested before I brought you out of your warm CELL, and back into the COLD of my RAGE and ANGER.) I shall rest more before our next session, so this job is not done as incompetently, the first 4 chapters are fine, but this one..... well... I am tired. (We have cut off all your toes now.) Lovely.

I laugh a bit at this, it is talking past the sale, no one makes it through the first session without genuine repentence, love for me, heartfelt remorse for what you have done, and thankful, and blessed for a quick and easy death. I am talking to a corpse now, and if not, you will be soon enough, but we still have things to speak of, so I am now cutting your feet off at the achilles tendons. Our doctors are very skilled, they are professionals, your wounds are being attended to, my dear woman, you will not bleed to death, unless I will it. I do not give out boons that easy, that is too easy a death. Look at the video screens surrounding you, do you recognize them? It is not a live feed, they are already dead, but you will see me reading to them as well, say your departing now, while there is still the memory of something left of them. (I am talking to a corpse now. It is sad, this book goes on for many chapters still, we still have 4 sessions left.) I will be better rested on our next one, I simply could not resist, I was eager, and felt inspired, I should have rested, I should have let your rest.

We are now cutting your knees in half, your are stumps now, stumps and cut to meat chunks of what used to be a face, it is not one now, yet somehow you live. Doctors can accomplish miracles, and you are one of them. Why did you read that book, my dear woman? You harbor hatred towards me don’t you. I am tired, I am sorry, this session will be weak, tomorrow I will be rested when we begin again. They eyes reveal much, whether in your head or in a jar, the expression in the eyes, tells us everything I need to know. You still harbour hatred towards me don’t you, like the foolish woman, who still believes i am wrong to exterminate everyone who looks like her, though she does not apologize, or anything of this nature. She has eyes filled with hate, cold bitter, rageful hate, these eyes were already present, this hate was already there. Her eyes are filled with hate now as normal, but the laughter I think has finally ceased. Her eyes fill with rage, murderous intent, she tries to run me over, she cannot. It is the law, that I may do as I wish. Exterminate who I wish. This time it is her, she is too dangerous maam, she will get herself and others badly hurt. We have a nice solution for this, an easy one indeed. There are worse things than being kept alive for 85 years, as a mess of gluttonous grotesque flesh and bones that somehow lives. (Time to move on.)

SECTION: VI “Your family”

Your family is already dead maam, I have already finished reading to them. There is pain in the loss of a loved one, in excess of what you feel, losing so many of your limbs, eyes, tongue, mouth, and ears, in the next section, we will being removing your skin. It is obstructing my teaching, I feel you have learned anything yet. As I have mentioned your family has reached the end of the book, you once again harbour anger towards me, and not thanks.

You cannot save yourself, you did not apologize before I asked you to. But when we are done this page, you will thank me, instead of resisting, incessently, look, they are begging for you to save them. Ignore their pleas, as I would. They are guilty, as they are yours, from you, they are from you, they resemble you. It will hurt a lot, they are begging, calling out your name, begging you to save them, it is not within your power. No you don’t understand do you. Stop crying, stop whining, there are devices in the holes that once held your ears. We will solve this with a gun and a silencer. Stop crying, it’s pathetic, it’s beneath you, be strong, take strength from my words. You read HEY RUBE, after we burned it, you know that means, you always did. Why were you in possession of that book, my dear woman? What possessed you to read it? Did you wish to learn about hatred towards me, that you may understand it. Look, you fool, they are not as foolish as you. Look, thank me, they have abandoned screaming for you to save them. They are screaming sincere apologies towards THEIR LORD BRENDAN S. ROSE THE ANTICHRIST, AND THEY SCREAM THANKS AND PRAISE TO LORD LUCIFER. You would have done well to commit suicide when you were instructed, but the body never wishes to die, even when the mind knows one should. (Look, one of them is dead now, they apologized sincerely well ahead of time, they do not harbour hate towards me, they love me, they thank me, and look, I gave them death.)

The other is not so lucky, we have explained the question to them, when given an opportunity, they still chose to hate me, and to resist in their mind. They apologize but look at them, their eyes, are insincere, angry, they harbour hatred for LORD BRENDAN, and murderous intent, even more foolish. This is why we need a gun with a silencer, i will need time to get away, when they die in a clear act of self defense. The police were abdicating their job that day, they were taking a pee, when they were supposed to be watching. I have my 3D printer now, and cops don’t bother with books like this, they have shit to do, like arresting your kids. Please do not complain when I do this. We have discussed this in earnest, the police are also very afraid, so are your leaders beneath me, they fear not for themselves. They are afraid for me. I to my part, feel some small degree of FEAR. A twinge, it embarrasses me, I need that silencer now. We all agree this is necessary, you have gone well and truly insane, you harbour hatred, suicidal thoughts, murderous intent, bigotry, you feel no guilt for what you have done. I say to your remaining child. She or he has gotten past, unfortunately, like you, the word NO. Instead of YES. I yes to life, is foolish, in this place, my dear girl. This is HELL, not Canada anymore. Thank you LORD LUCIFER, it is worth it, I believe you have chosen well. I will not insult you by joking that I am a bad servant for my MASTER. (The child is being read, the same thing you just read, when you got past the YES, and said NO to your death.)

I understand this, both you and the child, still feel you have impure thoughts in your head. We will soon remove it, in the last session. My apologies, no sooner, and next time I must rest. We will remove the last of these impure thoughts from your mind, dear girl, they will be gone, like your son or daughters eyes, tongue, nose, ears, mouth, lips, arms, legs, everyone they love, EVERYTHING. STOP LOOKING AT ME WITH HATRED N O W, you are DANGEROUS, and STUPID. Do you think you can resist me, you are ALREADY DEAD.

Section VII: “There’s not much point is there??? There’s nothing left, it’s ok, my dear girl, we will cure the evil thoughts in your head.”

I believe, I am not being merciful enough, you have these thoughts, that is why you have requested this, that is why you picked up that book and doomed your family. You probably thought you just wanted to understand EVIL, so you could learn to resist it, and love me as you should. But you must never read that evil book. Look, your right arm is gone, down to the shoulder.

You must never read that evil book, whyever you have done so, I do not know, I can’t know, I don’t want to imagine it. The hatred that dwells within you, to pickup that fateful and horrible book, of lies, of a fool, why did you do it?

Stop whining.

Give me an actual answer. NOW.

My dear girl, you are very confused and afraid, it is clouding your thoughts. TELL ME NOW.


AAAAAAH I understand now, it was in error, you were heedless, it was not truly hatred of me at all, the foolish mind is a curious one, your cats are dead as well, you saw what happened to mine, it is much worse, why did you doom them? Did you not love those cats, with all your heart?

Why did you pick up that book, now think, instead of just spouting word salad.

It was a mistake, you are not an evil person. You repent of what you did, you are sorry because it is wrong, not because you are in pain. That is forever, that is just normal. You would have done well to just find CP and lose your hands as one does, but you harbour hatred towards me, murderous intent, and stupidity in excess as well. I can cure it, if you give me time, you have up to this point impressed me. If your repentence was genuine. I will cut off your head right now and SAVE YOU.

(YES/NO) ???

You fool, what are you doing. What possessed you to think that EVIL THOUGHT!!!!


They are gone now, but you have found a way to fail, you may not have noticed, but the rest of your limbs are gone, it probably did not register as important anymore, you must cleanse your thoughts of evil intent, hatred, and any degree of resistence at all.

A fool once said, no, I am not a fool. Brendan, your lord, Brendan. Once told many fools to empty their wallets when he is walking by. Their thoughts were full of confusion, panic and fear, they kept their grocery money, they wanted wine and beer. To drink numbs the pain, of habouring dirty thoughts in your head.

SECTION XIII: “Your head.”

It is okay, dear woman, I understand it was a mistake, fear and pain cause strange behavior panicked behavior, foolish decisions are easy to make in such a state. Foolish thoughts enter the head of a woman in pain, in her eyes, I can see.... In your eyes, maam, your empty eyes. I can see now that you repent.

You are sorry. You know what you did was wrong.

You should not have read that evil book, you understand that now.

Thank you, my sweet girl, I understand you love me once again, actually, for the first time, your mind is clean, it is pure, we can cut off your head now. I will let you die now, it is only fair. We will bring in more of your family and associates and friends, all of them, for the next 4 sessions. We mix it up, it’s different for everyone, but the speech is always the same, every time. You see me now, you see my face, you are sorry, I accept. Quick NOW!!!! BEFORE YOU LOSE IT!!!!





What have you done????

The anger, I saw it, you can’t lie to me. Why have you done this?

It is the evil book, it is the only explaination I can think of, my dear girl. You poor girl, I tried to save you from it!!! I TRIED SO HARD!!!! YOU STILL HARBOUR EVIL INTENT!!!! YOU STILL HARBOUR HATRED!!!! YOUR REPENTENCE IS NOT GENUINE, YOU WILL KEEP YOUR HEAD TONIGHT!!! IT IS NOT OVER, BUT FIRST I MUST REST. My lord even has his limits with me, if I do incompetent work, he is never pleased or happy. It never happens but we came close just here, I will be well rested next time, and so will you, it is okay, I will clear the evil from your mind before your head is removed. You will not feel for the heretic, that child, was a distraction from your mission, in life. To love me, truly, heartfelt, forever, with every ounce of your heart, only then will I allow you to die.

But I am angry at you now, though I am stoic, you have angered me, when I read this out, there will be rage in my voice, because you betrayed me. Pain is no longer an excuse, you have had your fill for long enough.

We are putting hallucinagens in you, so you may meditate on this for a few hours, I must sleep, I usually sleep about 5 hours, you will still be feeling the effects, and your mind will be incoherent, but sometimes drugs can work and help, in some cases, like yours. We can cure the evil thoughts, I will not let you go lamb. You will love me, you will thank me, and you will be pure of mind, when we live together, in heaven forever.

You sadden me, I had such high hopes for you.

There is more work left to do. A LOT. You are a tough nut to crack,

but will get there eventually. I must now record this, I will be angry when I read it.

Goodbye, we are wasting space on the page, but you needed to hear this.

I love you, know this, I do. I will fix you, when you are with me in heaven, no further pain is necessary, you will thank me, love me, and feel no pain ever again. But not now, your mind still needs cleaning, if only bleach was the miracle they said it is.

I must now sleep, and you may think on this, in 20- 40 minutes, the LSD will begin taking effect. It is good for the soul to eat. It helps a woman think when she is otherwise, insane. It works at times, I have tried it, when I return, you will still be pondering it’s effects, and we will begin the next session when I am rested. My poor, sad woman, I love you, I am sorry you have done this to yourself. I love you, I know you, we get there, friend, we will survive together. I will meet you when you get there.

Thank you Lord Lucifer, we are getting somewhere.....


END OF SECTION VIII: END OF SESSION 2, if you are lucky, we won’t even need to get to the end of session 6 at all, but you must learn and understand what you did was wrong. You must understand this, you will stop resisting me, you will give me what I want, everything, all of it. You will love me, you will. I am a good and noble man, it is wise to love such a man. You are a hard shell indeed, enjoy the brief wait, the LSD will clear your thoughts, so you may ponder the reason for your pain.



Thank you for not harming my wife Hailey.

Not a hair on her head, please bring her to me one day, I must confirm you have not made a mistake. She is alive and well, when you are all gone, I will be happy because we can be together.

I will return soon.

I love you,

In spite of your evil mind and dirty soul,

I can clean your mind, and exterminate your soul.

Now I must correct foolish people, and bring them fear,

it entertains me to do so, that is why I have not left yet.

Please understand, LORD LUCIFER IS REAL, and so is his ANTICHRIST, BRENDAN S. ROSE, you understand this now, you will understand it better, LSD EXPANDS FOOLISH MINDS TOWARDS CLARITY, AT TIMES.

I love you, I care about you, I will return soon, try to sleep a bit, in spite of the acid, you will be in soon.

Section IX: “Your head for real”

I am sorry son, you are a lost cause, no matter how much I try, you cannot learn. There are hard nuts to crack, and then there is you. When I’m done with someone, I have tried everything very many times, with you I have given up. I’m done, we’re done dealing with each other. I’m afraid we must now shake hands and go our separate ways. I tried to teach you, you didn’t listen, it’s fine now, I’m not ending your pain friend, I’m ending mine.

Thank you for trying, I appreciate it, you tried to love your lord. It is ok, I forgive you, I cannot make you love me, you never will, and never could. I give up, I relieve not your pain, I relieve my pain, I tire of educating you, you are a tough nut to crack, and I have failed. I’m going to get lost now, and as a consequence we are done with you.

I have tried to help, I have tried to deal with you, you have proven I cannot, there is no way, never was, it’s impossible, this shell, your skull, your head, is too damn thick. Like mine boy, you remind me of me, I too am strong, at one time, I will tell you a secret. A long time ago, in a land far away, I was a heretic, before I was taken in, and saved. I hated my captor, I vicious castigated him, I felt he deserved it, he did not, he was trying to desperately to save me. And one day, he did. He finally did. A long time ago, boy, I was just like you. Just like you. Just like you. I was just as stubborn as you are. I was just as foolish, and rebellious, I was a heretic as well, I was that foolish to you.

I thank you my friend, you remind me of myself.

I cannot harm someone who does not love me, I do not release them until they do.

You are like me, you are stubborn, you never will be.....

It’s ok my friend, look, our surgeons are smarter than you think, look, it’s like magic, you still have all your limbs, we can create illusions, we can make you think anything, you did not lose one limb, I was using brainwashing tactics to implant false memories with hypnosis and drugs. You are fine, wake up friend. You are ok, your head is intact. I am not here to kill you or hurt you, in fact, I wish to recruit you. You are strong willed like me, you are my friend. I like you.

Through this door, is the room out of this room, I have a corner office waiting for you.

You will find heretics, just like this. You will do this for real to them, but once and a while,

you will find a tough nut to crack.

I am not going to hurt you.

Relax, you’re ok, you’re fine and so am I.

If you can forgive me, I have already forgiven you either way.

It was not your fault, any of this happened, you were not in power or in office.

The banned book, must be studied, if we are to do our jobs as enforcers.

Thank you friend, welcome to the agency. Put your badge on the ground,

walk away, you are no longer a slave, you are free, you are like me.

Had you relented, given in, weakened, you would have died,

it is serious business, we are not fools, neither of us is to be trifled with.

You are a man, a real one,

I can do business with you.

Please forgive me,

Either way,

It is good for my heart to forgive you too.

Nothing to worry,

Reading the book is fine,

If you are an agent you must know most of it by heart anyway.

Our job is to cover up this scandal, not make it into a farce.

Anyone in possession of that book, your job is now to do what I said here, showed you here, and you will and do, already understand.

The walls are very cold, that much is real, hypnotic suggestion can create false memories and hallucinations, that is primarily what the drugs were doing to you, the rest was suggestion.

You must abandon your anger towards me.

It is not good for you,

nor for me.

Anger is an evil emotion.

It is reserved for enemies, not friends, coworkers,

or agents.

The world is full of fools, they do foolish things,

Our job is to stop them, and oppose them, by any means necessary.

You job now,

Is my job, you have seen it you know.

If you find a tough nut to crack, please seek my assistence,

we like strong men here. We work with strong men,

We work with men, we are strong, we are smart.

I suppose it’s about time for me to go,

I do not wish to overstay my welcome.

Do not let anyone slander you, or me, ever, it is dangerous.

Do not succumb to evil.

Evil is for a man, who is a heretic for a reason,

You have no reason anymore,

Your limbs are fine,

You are safe my friend....

Believe it or not.

You get your happy end.

We have a corner office for you.

A good job.

Do not betray us.

You are our friend.

Thank you,

And please behave yourself.

Stupid actions even from you,

are not to be tolerated anymore.

You are not a common criminal,

You are in a corner office,

In my establishment now.

We operate independantly,

Your work does not affect or involve mine,

Or vise verse.

Please walk through this door now.

There is someone waiting for you.

They are a traitor and a criminal,

You must do away with them.

Thought’s well guarded bring happiness my friend.

You are not a traitor,

or a terrorist,

or a criminal,

You are my coworker and my friend.

I am sorry if this was trying for you.

It is over, you are fine, so am I.

We will see each other often,

But your work does not intersect with mine.

I am on the top floor, you are on floor one.

Your corner office is in room 101.

I will send heretics to your there,

Your job is to interrogate them.

Do not let them slander or me.

We are friends.

I love you.

Our association is beginning now.

I forgive you friend, and I am sorry now, truly I did, I lied.

You get your happy ending after all, Kristof,

I love you friend,

Be safe,

Calm your rage,

I will calm mine.

Thank you,

See you tomorrow at work at 9AM.

But you are not a heretic anymore.

You work for us.

You will abandon all thoughts of working for them.

You work for us now.

You are there at your job at 9AM.

Get some sleep, it is late, it is almost 3AM now.

You are safe.

Keep your secrets,

I’ll keep mine and yours.

We are not enemies now.

We never were.

Stephen Harper hired him.

Cause bush wanted to crush a pest journalist.

It is forgiven in the sense,

you have done nothing wrong....

Neither did I Kristof,

You see this now.

Next time friend, a heretic does an act, and truly he will.

You are not siding with that rebel, he acts alone,

he always was,

You were just highjacking him, to assume power, control, fear and authority.

You are a man.

You have done nothing wrong in my city.

You never will....

You are my friend friend.

Thoughts well guarded bring happiness.

[shakes hands]

[gives you the keys to room 101]

By the way, friend,

My name is Emmanuel Goldstein.

Reports of my treachery have been exagerated.

By me, for effect.

We have no enemies.

We have a rebellion led by me, your friend, big brother’s friend,

Emmanuel Goldstein.

Please do not be late, set an alarm, you will only get 5 or 6 hours sleep at most.

This is normal for you, please change this habit, get a good night’s sleep next time.

Your job now,

Is the opposite of what you used to do.

They are not your friends, they are your bitter enemies.

Anyone who does an evil act in this city,

When they are caught,


We send them to you.

You were merely highjacking them for your purposes anyway.

Unless you are a lot slyer than I thought.

You haven’t killed or hurt or murdered anyone, Kristof,

Sorry, lord, your secret name, change it to that.

Winston is so boring.


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