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Regarding the pending deletion of my account (self requested) <>Tue, Nov 1, 10:49 AM (2 days ago) to support Hello Facebook, Recently we had a difference of opinion regarding a post of mine. I posted a link to my website: You incorrectly designated this, some unstated combination of SPAM SCAM or something..... Please review my website, as you can see, this site is a substantially serious website, The demonic compendium contains hundreds of amazing works of music, all of which was made by me. I am not scamming anyone. I have written a book, I am attempting to sell it, that is not a scam, that's called selling books. I have a different religion than you. Do you label EVERY CHRISTIAN MINISTER SPAM SCAM BLOCK YOU MAAM?? No, even though they are. Can you please deal with your bigotry against me in a more sensible manner, Unblock my very important website, and I will resume my normal facebook activities. However, If you think I am a scam, Because you know me so well from all those years of posting facebook, Then delete the man I used to be. When I am a man of historical significance, You can scramble to explain why you squandered this rare and radiant opportunity. Correct your misapplication of the rules, and I will forgo the deletion of my account. No scam artist cares enough to do this, A scam artist just shrugs and moves on. I am Brendan S. Rose, Correct your insult. -Brendan S. Rose

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