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Address: 2559 Kingston Rd, Scarborough, ON M1M1M1

Phone: (416) 261-7498


TO: Rev. Simon de Gale So called Pastor

Hello Mr. Simon,

It is unfortunate our last conversation got cut short in one sentence, at the merest suggestion that you compromise too much with the devil.

This is actually a MAJOR sticking point with me, because my wife and baby son and little beloved cat and little dog have been kidnapped, and are being held hostage, by the government who gave you your seminary degree, which that alone should disqualify one from entering into the priesthood. You are not worthy of that role, in this, you are like all the others. She is currently featured on AV4.US being raped, I have seen the footage of my wife being raped. After she was taken away by police officers. My friend tipped me off. I'd advise you not visit it. In fact it's mandatory that you do not.

I then stated that God's Laws should be enforced in the CHURCH. Neither should be grounds for removal from a church, and I didn't even get around to asking for a meal. Which I am certain would be denied.

The first Jesus once said, my supposed priest, when someone strikes you on one cheek, turn the other cheek, but I didn't even strike you, and you still couldn't follow that simple suggestion. As you look upon me as if I were the devil, whence were you instructed to hate and reject the devil? Whence were you instructed to remove the devil from church? If you'll excuse me, you fool.

I have other grievances against you, I spoke of them briefly before being removed. For instance, 90% of your job should be people walking in asking for a marriage, then a few simple questions, and kick them out of the church on their ass. That is your primary role as a priest in Canada.

Oh my, pastor, even worse, you can't handle a vow of celebacy. Such things are not designed for weak men. A strong man, a man of note, would do wise to take a vow of celebacy, so that no innocent women and children will be harmed by the evils of the world. I myself cannot abide by this, I cannot abide alone, I need love. However, the one mistake I have learned from this grotesque debacle is that one should never marry a women one does not want physically, love is not enough. A relationship in the absence of sex, falls apart, simple enough matter for a pleb, for me it is more complicated. Anyone I am not around to protect is in danger of worse than death.

Furthermore, you perform, or at least your kin, perform satanic homosexual marriage ceremonies from Satan himself.

You should cease to refer to yourself as a priest or a pastor, another name would suffice. Do not call yourself a christian, generally one is well advised to read the book before becoming a priest as your vocation in life. I would say GET OUT OF MY HOUSE, however son, you don't believe in the promise of my return, and you will spit in my face on the day I arrive asking for a conversation, and a meal. I am sick and in prison, you visited me not. Hungered, and you fed me not. My wife was being raped today, for all to see, and you helped me not. I know you not. I never knew you. Depart from me, ye accursed, lest you fill my house with further stench.

Like most of these churches it is serviceable to my purposes. In need of a good home I could live in one, should you be in hand of a flock, I am in need of a wife, and I require a place from which to preach.

Get out of my house ye accursed,

Lest you discover you are mistaken,

and HELL IS REAL, and made for such fools,

who cannot even read their book, let alone understand it.

I thought the church was fit for a marriage.

No, Mr. Simon, Ceasars Cult is not fit to purpose today. Indeed, a marriage is a blessed thing, I was fool enough to take my vows at ceasars headquarters, the marriage is null and void, as it was as she is not a virgin, however I love her dearly, and I will have my revenge.



"The Book of Fire"

By Jesus Christ

You are not fit to read it.

If you do, when you done being ashamed,

Gouge out your eyes,

and you will never meet the embrace of the fire.

I will also include one of my sermons.

A new religion for a new age,

Befitting of the return of such a man.

Not an insult given, not a blasphemy.

Stop taking my name in vain,


Cease to speak it at all.

Warmest, hottest regards,

-Brendan S. Rose


Scarborough's Leading Right Winger,

And the second coming of Jesus Christ.

May you pray to the nothing you believe in,

And may you deny that I have come in the flesh,

As promised.

Pray to the nothing you believe in to save them,

No one is coming to save them.

Cease to speak my name,

Lest you damn yourself further,

And your kin.

I'm waiting.....

Don't keep me waiting.



Goodbye Simon,

I never knew thee.

ATTACHED: who you wanna kill?


THE THIRD TESTAMENT - The Book of Fire - by Jesus Christ - RED LETTER VERSION (RLV) (2)
Download PD • 100.82MB

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